Project name: B for Water

Duration: 5 years

Project Description: B for Water is a project that aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge within and between researchers and policy makers. It aims to connect multi-disciplinary academia with each other and with policy makers and transfer their learnings to each other towards the objective of redefining Water Policy through strategic use of Water Use Embedding in policy and market interventions. The three main planks of the project are:

a) B for Water web portal – Creating, popularizing, utilizing and upscaling the B for Water prototype available

b) B for Water network – Creating, conducting activities and supporting a network guided by a team of Lead professors that shall do research, adaptations, evaluations and case studies on the topic. The network shall also interact in different formats and knowledge sharing activities of different scales. The network shall have 3 regional hubs.

c) B for Water studies – Supporting select research, adaptation, evaluations, case studies to be taken up by the affiliate researchers.

Contact Person: Jyoti Sharma -